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We are looking to cooperate with:

  • Companies and private persons, producers of sawn timber of softwood and hardwood (edged board, heavy joist), pallet half-finished material of 22% natural and shipping dry of timber.
  • Shipping-logistic companies and private carries. The information we are interested with is: Rates for delivery of packed wooden pallets and sawn timber to Russian cities by Euro-trailers with the capacity size of 82, 86 and 90 cubic metres, trailer sheet, rearload. Payment after unload.
  • Producers of wooden pallets for joint supply of our partners’ facilities with wooden containers. The propositions are considered as price proposals. We kindly ask to specify in your proposal the drawing or specification after which the pallets are made, type of sawn timber being used, type and dimension of nails, pictures of finished products – one single pallet and packed pallets.
  • Companies and private persons who use wooden pallets. We constantly take unclaimed secondhand wooden pallets in the gross and at retail starting from one secondhand pallet. There’s a possibility of customer pickup by our transport. The price depends on pallet’s type, its condition and consignment. Wholesale prices are higher. The terms of payment are the following – advanced payment, payment after delivery.