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About us

The main activities of PALLETEX company are production and sale of new wooden pallets, pallet half-finished material, buying, fixing, classification and onward sale of unclaimed secondhand pallets. Complementary to sales of our own product our company deals with buying of second-hand pallets and other jointing package.

PALLETEX company makes high-quality product in observance of all present standards. We are always in possess of complete range of secondhand pallets and standard new ones (1200 to 800 1200 to 1000) GOST 9557 and GOST 9078, and also pallets type UIC EUR and EPAL (original).

Our advantages that set us apart from other producers:

  • Personalized approach to every client
  • High quality of product
  • Permanent stock availability
  • Different variants of reciprocal payments
  • Flexible discount system
  • Guaranteed on-time delivery